CCIS North Booking Form
- Please read before any bookings can be made.
- Bookings may be made from September to April, Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
- Anything outside of these parameters should be directed to
- The ISSS has (2) tables and (4) chairs available
-In order to book a space with the table, a booking requisition must be submitted 10 days in advance. a confirmation email will be sent within 2 days to confirm the booking is approved. If an email is not received within 2 days, then the booking has not been confirmed and a follow up is necessary.
-First priority bookings will be to COSSA groups.
-Other student groups are limited to one table booking per semester.
-The event must be approved by SGS. Prior to table usage, the group will be asked to confirm the event is approved.
-Tables are to be returned cleaned and in the condition in which they were taken. If equipment is damaged or broken, charges will be applied to the group responsible in the amount of the damaged equipment.
- Table rental is subject to a $35 deposit in the form of a cheque or cash given at the time of taking the table. This will be returned upon the ISSS receiving the table. Note: If the cheque is not claimed within 30 days post the event date, it will be cashed, and no further notice will be sent out.
-Tables are not to be left unattended at any point during booking.
- Materials may be picked up on the day of the event no earlier than 9:00 AM
- All tables must be returned before 4:00 pm on that day of the booking or the deposit will be cashed. Even if the table is to be used on consecutive days, it must be returned at the end of each day.

Any questions can be directed to the Vice President Community <>

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