WeeKick Bring-a-Friend Day
Thank you for your interest in our WeeKick karate class. We hope your child has a fun experience.

Children participating must be at least 3 1/2 years old and no older than 6 years old (in Senior Kindergarten).


Have you child wear comfortable clothing for physical activity. Class is barefoot. Bring a water bottle.

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Participation Waiver
I, the parent/guardian understands the risks of studying martial arts and hereby release Driftwood Martial Arts Inc., all instructors and other students from and all liabilities or loss sustained while participating in the WeeKick Bring-a-Friend class. I also state that my child is in good physical condition and know of no reason why he/she cannot study and participate in this class. In the event of emergency, I hereby authorize any licensed medical personnel to perform any accepted medical procedure deemed necessary and agree to bear the expense of any such treatment.
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