Application for Speech and Drama Lessons 2020
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Speech and Drama lessons provides students with the opportunity to develop fun acting skills and effective public speaking skills, in a fun-filled environment. From drama, mime and improvisation to storytelling, formal persuasive speaking and impromptu speaking, Speech helps develop confident and self-assured communicators.

Lessons are before school, during and after school at both our Sunshine Ave and Mahers Lane campuses and taught by specialised teachers.
Lesson Agreement
Group of 4 $12.50 per student
Group of 3 $15 per student
Pair: $20.00 per student
Individual: $39.50 per student per half hour.

These fees are additional to school fees and are charged to you directly by the Speech and Drama teacher.

Continuing Lessons: It will be assumed that lessons are continuing from term to term, for the year unless written notification is submitted to the Performing Arts Administration Assistant by the close of business on Monday of the second last week of term otherwise the following term’s fees will be charged. Reminders to parents about notice periods are published each term in the school newsletter outlining the cut-off date for cancelling the following terms lessons. If a student discontinues mid-term, no fee refund can be given.

Student Absences: As our speech and drama teachers are employed by mutual agreement it is necessary to have a clear procedure in place, which enables them to forward plan. We therefore ask you to take responsibility for directly informing your son/daughter’s speech and drama teacher (by phone) 48 hours prior to the lesson day if your child is going to be absent for whatever reason. This includes class excursions. If a teacher does not receive notice of absence prior to the day of the lesson, then that lesson will be charged and you will be informed this has occurred.

In the case of illness on the day of a lesson please phone the relevant speech and drama teacher so that the timetable can be adjusted accordingly. In the case of last minute notifications, make-up lessons can only be given at the teacher’s discretion.

At Mahers Lane Campus, lessons will be on a rotational basis during School lesson times. At Sunshine Avenue Campus, lesson will be rotated where possible during School lesson times.

It is the students’ responsibility to be punctual for lessons, except in the case of Sunshine Avenue School students who will be collected by the teacher.

Any enquiries you have regarding lessons times, fees and your child’s progress should be made directly to the speech and drama teacher.

Should you have any questions regarding the Performing Arts Program please contact
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