IAU GRADUATION PETITION & EVALUATION: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Meet the Requirements
Please make sure that the title of this form is intended for the program you are currently enrolled in. Applicants who do not meet International American University's requirements for graduation will receive a denial notice and automatically be discarded.

1. Complete 60 semester units of prescribed curriculum.
2. Complete a minimum of TWO internships. Applicable to non-immigrants only.
3. Complete all required course work with a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
4. Apply for graduation and meet all academic and financial requirements.
5. Maintain lawful status.‚Äč
The Academic Calendar will reflect a Graduation Petition Deadline associated with each Session Graduation: http://iaula.edu/download/FormACD-calendar.pdf.

The Office of the Registrar checks the graduation petition submissions Thursday - Tuesday weekly and by the following Wednesday, issues the Notice of Graduation Eligibility.

In an event where student fails to submit graduation petition by deadline, a student shall be subject to $25.00 late fee. A late petition is accepted up to 3 weeks after the deadline. Otherwise, student shall be advised to apply for the next available graduation date and maintain F/T requirement.
- Graduation Petition Fee - $25.00 (Non-Refundable)
- Late Graduation Petition Fee - $25.00 (Non-Refundable)

Students are advised to pay Graduation Petition fees of $25.00 within the deadline to avoid any late fees.

In an event where a student fails to submit a graduation petition, and, or pay the fee by the deadline, a student shall be subject to an additional $25.00 late fee.
Make a payment and submit the receipt of the $25.00 graduation fee (non-refundable): http://iaula.edu/make-payment/
Graduation Petition / Evaluation
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Student's Mailing Address *
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Major Designation
Graduation Session *
Submit your petition before the deadline to avoid the late fee. There is a deadline for every Graduation Term, see the Academic Calendar for dates: http://iaula.edu/download/FormACD-calendar.pdf.
Defense Date *
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DBA Mentor *
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Diploma Name Printing *
The name that appears on your Application for Admissions is the name that will appear on your diploma as 'First Middle Last Name". Be sure to check your name as it appears in myIAU. By default, this is how it will be on your diploma. IAU IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MISSPELLED NAMES. If you underwent a legal name change, please complete the Update Information Request Form first. Please indicate one of the following:
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