What can you do with Nerve Pain?
The nervous system is involved in everything the body does, from the regulation of breathing, to moving the body, temperature recording and much more.

There are generally three types of nerves:

Autonomic nerves - controls involuntary activities in the body, such as the pulse, digestion, blood pressure, etc.

Motor nerves - help control your movements by sending messages from the brain to the muscles.

Sensory nerves - send information from the tissue to the brain. Then this information is analyzed by the brain.

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Nerves make people Nervous
The nerves make it nervous when you experience pain. Many people think that their pain is nerve-related, that the nerve is stuck or squeezed, something prone to the nerve, or that the nerve does not have enough space.

If the nerve is actually affected to such an extent that there has been an irritation or damage to the nervous tissue, you will see symptoms such as:

Muscle weakness and atrophy
Impaired feeling
Pained around a larger area of ​​the body
Stinging, stinging, burning sensation

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What causes Nerve Pain and Nerve Damage?
There are many different types of nerve damage and reasons for experiencing nerve pain. The different types will often also have different symptoms and thus the treatment may vary.

Following of just a small sample of what can cause nerve pain:

Autoimmune diseases . Different types of autoimmune diseases can cause symptoms that are related to a nerve injury. For example, be multiple sclerosis .

Diabetes . About 25% of people with diabetes suffer from nerve damage, where the symptoms will often become more prominent as the disease gets worse. The sensory nerves are often the ones that are affected, which can lead to reduced feeling or a tingling sensation.

Trauma . A trauma, for example. Through a fall, can result in compression and / or irritation of the nervous tissue, leading to nerve damage. A rupture in the neck or lumbar is due to a mechanical trauma and can cause nerve pain. Read more about discus pills in my guide to lower back pain .

Nerve Pain
Can nerves get Caught?
If the nerve is squeezed, it is often one of the things you nervously ask yourself when you get a nose or back and a feeling of excitement and reduced movement. But in the vast majority of cases you are thereno reason to worry. It is quite rare that a nerve literally comes into clamp. Even when the nerve actually clings, it's not necessarily a painful experience.

Nerves can handle a lot of pressure, and compression is usually not the reason why they get irritated and hurt. However, they are irritated if there is reduced oxygen supply to the area.

Generally, nerves have plenty of space to move in. In the lumbar, the gaps between the vertebrae where the nerves pass through may have a perimeter of more than two centimeters. The nerve feet only have a thickness of about four millimeters.

What is There for Treatment?
If you have nervous pain in the legs, back, arms or feet, then it is worth checking if the pain actually comes from the muscles. If the pain is related to the muscles, you will also be able to produce the pain by pressing or massaging the active trigger point in the muscle.

One will often find active trigger points in the lower back and the balls that send referenced pain down the leg.

You can read more about treating their trigger points and aching pain in my guide to lower back pain .

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