Augsburg University Transportation Survey
What is your PRIMARY mode of transportation to Augsburg's Minneapolis campus (3 days a week or more)? *
Please select the main reason for using your most frequent mode of transportation to campus.
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Please indicate your SECONDARY commute mode to and from Augsburg's Minneapolis campus, i.e. 2 days or less per week, seasonally, etc? *
Please select the main reason for using your SECONDARY mode of transportation to campus
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On average, how many days a week do you commute to the Minneapolis campus?
How many miles do you commute (one way) to the Minneapolis campus each time?
On average, how long do you stay on the Augsburg Minneapolis campus before leaving?
If you drive, what is your primary location for parking?
If you park in a surface lot, which is your preferred location?
Augsburg University has committed to reducing its "carbon footprint". One way to do this is to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles traveling to and from campus. Would you support or oppose raising annual parking fees and using those additional revenues to support sustainable transportation initiatives at Augsburg?
How aware are you of the following Augsburg transportation benefits?
Not at all aware
Slightly aware
Very aware
Support for bicycling through the ZAP Twin Cities program
Carpool parking
Monthly transit discount for employees through the Metropass program
Availability of HOURCAR on campus for worktime business travel
What incentives would make you reconsider your transportation choices?
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What else would you like to provide about your commute to/from the Augsburg Minneapolis Campus?
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