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Perth, Australia
Location TBA
Friday, July 28

The DISC Lab days are designed for a smaller group of geoscientists. We ask participants to provide informal 5 min lightning talks about problems of local interest.

We will then work as a group to break down the problems in terms of the 7-Step Framework introduced in course. If participants agree, their talks and results from discussions, will be uploaded to the web.

By capturing these problems and state-of-progress onto the web, we hope to promote interaction between geoscientists worldwide. Tutorials on simulations and inversions are also available upon request.

There is no registration fee for DISC Lab.

For more information, see http://disc2017.geosci.xyz

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Lightning Talks
All participants will be asked to give a 5 min lightning talk on the application they are working on. These are meant to be informal and informative. You are welcome to use slides, a projector will be set up.
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Thank you! We look forward to seeing you July 28th!
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