St. Thomas' Church, Whitemarsh - Worship Challenge
Worship is at the heart of our faith. It’s an essential part of God’s commandment to honor the Sabbath. Every other aspect of our Christian journey evolves out of the practice of worship, without which we cannot lead faithful Christian lives. Commit to this life-transforming practice for 52 Sundays and see the dramatic difference that it makes in your spiritual journey.  When worshipping away from St. Thomas’, we encourage you to bring back leaflets from where you worship. A banquet for all participants will be held in September of 2018 to celebrate our collective spiritual journeys and achievement.
I commit to participating in the Worship Challenge. I will go to church every Sunday that I am well enough to attend trusting that God will honor the commitment that I am making and bestow spiritual graces upon me that will has a transformative impact on my relationship with God and others. *
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