Fight For Our Lives Membership Application
Fight For Our Lives is a diverse, youth-led organization that stands to uphold accountability among local and state leadership, promote strategic social change, and raise awareness about issues affecting New Mexican youth and their communities.

​Our Goals:

-Bring light to the issues impacting New Mexican students by engaging high school and college students from a variety of backgrounds in political conversations and various forms of civic engagement. ​

-Engage New Mexican students in strategic youth-led community organizing that actively combats issues New Mexican students face on a day-to-day basis.

-Promote social change through protests, marches, lobbying, and other forms of community organizing in a manner that uplifts the voices and experiences of youth of color and other marginalized communities.

-Hold people in power accountable for their actions with the end goal of creating a better environment for our youth in the classroom and out in our communities.
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