Bolton GP Training - Absence Notification
Please use this form to record your planned absence from any GP ST1, ST2 or ST3 teaching session.

You can also email Carole Kennedy directly if you prefer.

Remember that if you are on a scheduled work day, the general rule is that you should attend the relevant teaching that week. We would encourage you to complete a learning log for each session you attend as both educationally useful and as clear evidence of attendance.

We will periodically check form responses and update our record of attendance registers.

Absences are considered unauthorised unless the educational team is notified in advance, or as soon as is reasonably practical for you to do so. The date/time you submit a form is noted.
Your Educational Supervisor has to submit evidence of your overall attendance as part of your ES Report submission to the ARCP. They may ask us for information about your attendance at teaching.

You do not need to detail your absence on this form other than to categorise it.

We may use information from forms that may suggest systemic issues that need improvement (such as with a specific rota or doctor grade), but you won't be individually identifiable if we do.

General Policies regarding attendance are available from the Lead Employer:

ARCP info here:

Please check the HEE Study Leave Policy here:
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If you are in a ST1 or ST2 post, your hospital or GP supervisor may need to know about your absence as part of their own policy. This form only lets the educational team know that you won't be attending the teaching session.
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