Local CES Conference Meet-ups
Cultural Evolution Society Annual Meeting in Aarhus, Denmark, Sept 21-23, 2022

Conference support scheme: Local CES Conference Meet-ups


As we embark on our very first hybrid conference, CES encourages delegates who cannot attend the in-person conference to gather locally or regionally in smaller groups during the dates of the conference, in order to have the benefits of in-person discussions and networking while participating virtually in the conference. We are providing funding of up to 2000 USD to organise such local/regional CES conference mini-hubs. The funding can be used by organisers for costs associated with hosting the meet-up such as providing food and beverages for attendees, or renting meeting space and AV equipment. The organisers can also choose to discount registration fee by refunding hub participants a portion of their registration fee. To comply with donor restrictions, the funds cannot be used to support travel costs for hub attendees (transportation and accommodation).
The format of these meet-ups should be designed by organisers to meet and leverage local needs and opportunities for CES researchers. We especially welcome creative ideas that harness these meet-ups to overcome the limitations of virtual attendance, and provide delegates with a rich and stimulating conference experience.
If we receive more applications than we can fund, funding decisions will prioritise ideas that are most likely to provide delegates with an enhanced conference experience, and geographic regions that are not well represented at CES conferences.

If you have any questions, please contact Natalia Dutra at nbdutra@gmail.com
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