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Fill this out if you'd like to join the Austin Stay at Home Dad's group.
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Are you a Stay at Home Dad?
Specifically, are you the primary caretaker for your children at least, or more than, 3 days during the week (M-F)?
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How old are your kid(s)?
Most of the events are geared towards dads with infant/toddler kids. The group is not exclusive to younger kids, but you'll get the most out of this if you have young children.
Why do you want to join this group?
Note from the group leader: I am genuinely interested in hearing about all the reasons you want to join us. I read every one of these responses. We take seriously who we let into the group, so your openness and honesty is welcome here!
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Are you interested in (and willing to) come out to the activities?
THINK: This group thrives when we get together at with regular consistency. We'd like to see you out there something like once a week. The conversations that happen on the message board is great, but the connections and in-person real life adult interaction that happens when you (when we all) show up to the events is vital to our health and well-being: for the sake of the group, and the sake of us as individuals.
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