Mr. Amos' PE Syllabus and Agreement
Paul Revere Middle School - Physical Education Syllabus

Justin Amos
Boys' PE Office 310.917.4885

Please make sure both the student and parent/guardian read the following information, then complete and submit the form below by the due date.

In addition to meeting the national and state standards for physical education, students may participate in the following activities: street hockey, soccer, softball, flag football, dance, yoga, kickball, basketball, dodge ball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, track and field, and running.

P.E. Uniforms:
All students are expected to wear a P.E. uniform on a daily basis. The uniform consists of green shorts, a solid gray shirt, and athletic shoes (shoes must have laces that are tied securely). P.E. uniforms can be purchased in the Student Store. The student’s first and last names are to be printed in the space provided (any additional artwork is unacceptable and may result in student purchasing a new uniform). Uniforms may not be altered (cutting sleeves/neck, etc.). Students may wear sweats, but they must be purchased from the Paul Revere Student Store. For their safety, students are prohibited from wearing jewelry or watches during the P.E. period.

Grading System:
Students have the opportunity to earn daily participation points. These points are earned through participation, sportsmanship, and compliance with the P.E. uniform policy. Students will also earn points by completing community service hours, tests, quizzes, and written assignments. The student’s grade will then be computed by dividing the total points earned by the total points possible. Grades will be assigned using the scale below.

90% - 100% = A, 80% - 89% = B, 70% - 79% = C, 60% - 69% =D, 59% and below = F

Students will LOSE ALL OF THEIR DAILY POINTS for the following: an absence, tardy, non – compliance with the P.E. uniform policy, inappropriate sportsmanship, poor behavior, refusal to participate, or lack of participation. STUDENTS have the opportunity to make up for lost points or earn extra credit every Friday.

Work Habits and Cooperation grades will be affected by non-suits and tardies as well.
• If your student arrives to class late and/or does not comply with the P.E. uniform policy 2 times or less during the 5 week grading period, he/she will earn an “E”.
• If your student arrives to class late and/or does not comply with the P.E. uniform policy 3 times during the 5 week grading period, his/her grade will drop to an “S”.
• If your student arrives to class late and/or does not comply with the P.E. uniform policy 4 or more times during the 5 week grading period, his/her grade will drop to a “U”.
• Please note, more than two “U’s” in Work Habits and Cooperation may keep your student from participating in end of the year activities.

Lock and Lockers:
Each student will be issued a locker and a combination (6th grade girls will share a PE locker). All clothes and personal items must be locked in the student’s assigned P.E. locker. BACKPACKS CANNOT BE LEFT UNATTENDED IN THE PE AREA OR LOCKER ROOM. STUDENTS MUST KEEP THEIR BACKPACKS IN THEIR PE OR HALL LOCKER DURING CLASS (lunch detention will be issued to any student who leaves their backpack out or unattended in the locker room). It is the student’s responsibility to protect their combination. The lockers should contain P.E. clothes, athletic shoes, and deodorant (no spray/aerosol cans). Absolutely no food or drinks are allowed in the locker room.

Medical Excuse Policy:
An EMAIL, parent or doctors note must be presented to the health office and then to the teacher on the day that the student is to be excused from normal P.E. activities. This note should include the nature of the injury or illness, the activities that the student is to be excused from, and the duration of the excuse. A student with an excuse will still be required to dress out for P.E. (unless the injury prevents that), and will complete a written assignment on their own time. A parent excuse is valid for a maximum of three days. Any request for excuse beyond three days will require a note from a physician.

Parents, it is your responsibility to notify the PE teacher AND the school/nurse of any medical condition that could affect your child’s participation in Physical Education. This would include allergies, asthma, seizures, heart conditions, etc.

In addition to notifying the school nurse an email or phone call is extremely helpful if there's an ongoing issue.

Community Service:
As a character building exercise, all students at Paul Revere Middle School are expected to perform 5 hours of community service each year. These service hours must be completed between 6/8/19 and April 2020 (exact date coming soon). These community service hours have a great effect on your child’s grade. Students who fail to complete service hours by the due date will see their grades drop by 10%. For example, a student who was earning an “A” in P.E. but failed to complete service hours could only earn up to a “B”. Late community service assignments are NOT accepted. For verification purposes, The student MUST include a picture while performing the community service hours, and the assignment must be turned in through Schoology by the April 2020 due date.

Keys to Success (most important!):
All students are expected to come dressed, on time, with the appropriate footwear EVERYDAY. Most importantly, they need to come with a positive attitude, and be ready to give THEIR personal best in the activities each day.
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PE Syllabus Agreement due by 11:59pm on Friday, August 30th 2019 - 10 points
Please complete and submit the syllabus agreement form. Make sure information with a (*) next to it is completed. All information submitted must be accurate and true. Submission of the form is an agreement that the student and parent/guardian understand the expectations and policies in the syllabus.
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PE Syllabus Agreement due by 11:59pm on Friday, August 30th 2019 - 10 points
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