Coach/Adviser evaluation form for parents.
The GVHS Activities department would appreciate if you would take a few minutes to provided us with your feedback. Your responses will be kept confidential with only the averages of the survey to be shared with the coaches. It is through this input that we can identity program strengths as well as areas for improvement.
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Key: 0-No Opinion 1-Unsatisfactory 2- Barely Met Expectations 3- Meets Expectations 4- Exceeds Expectations
At games, the coach instilled confidence through effective game management.
At games, the coach communicated effectively during time-outs; between periods.
At games, the coach demonstrated knowledge of athletes injuries and respected judgement of Sports Medicine Staff.
At games, the coach encouraged "ethical conduct" with respect to tactics and strategies.
At games, the coach demonstrated control on the sidelines with athletes and officials.
At games, the coach updated strategy during games.
At games, the coach exhibited appropriate post-game behavior with athletes, officials, opponents, fans and parents.
In general, the coach set a good personal example.
In general, the coach displayed consistency and decisiveness in actions.
In general, the coach was an effective motivator.
In general, the coach had a good rapport with athletes.
In general, the coach respected the assistant coaches.
In general, the coach enhanced my performance through his/her coaching.
In general, the coach cared about my child personally, as well as an athlete; was able to talk to with regard to personal problem or advice.
In general, the coach was rewarding to play for.
Game equipment was adequate.
The equipment my child used was safe.
Game/Event facilities were adequate.
Services provided by Medical/Training Staff were adequate.
How do you feel about the off season program?
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Did you enjoy the season and why and why not?
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What area did your child improve the most in?
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What area would you have liked to see your child improve most in?
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What was your favorite experience/memory this season.
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If you were coach for a day, what would you do and why?
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What suggestions would you make to improve the program (long-range)?
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Do you feel that you can approach the coach about an issue and not receive a repercussion towards your child, regarding treatment or playing time?
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Please add any additional comments below.
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