Stellar Preschool - June 2018 Holiday Programme Registration Form
Let's travel to Africa, Japan and Egypt with Stellar Preschool in the coming June holiday! Team Stellar has designed a super exciting holiday programme just to expose your children to cultures of various countries.
这个六月假期和 Stellar Preschool一起飞往非洲,日本和埃及旅行吧! Stellar团队为孩子们设计了一个超级好玩的假期活动,旨在让您的孩子可以接触并学习到不同国家的文化 !

*Sign up our ALL 3 days programme before 31/5/18 to enjoy special EARLY BIRD rate! This holiday programme is suitable for 3-10 years old children. 在31/5/18之前报名所有3天的假期活动,以享有特别的价格!适合3-10岁的孩子。

- welcome to Africa
- flying the skies with Stellar stewardess! About travelling-procedure, aeroplane, immigration, passport
- making African snacks and tasting it
- tribes men play traditional musical instruments and trying it
- African music and movement
- explore African flavours - eat in coconut shell, banana fritters, wrap popiah
- African face mask painting
- 欢迎来到非洲
- 与星耀空姐一起环游世界!
- 关于旅行手续,飞机,移民厅,护照
- 制作非洲小吃并品尝它
- 看部落野人玩传统乐器和试玩
- 体验非洲音乐和舞蹈律动
- 探索非洲风味 - 用椰子壳,炸香蕉,自制薄饼
- 彩绘非洲人面具

Day 2 (JAPAN 日本)
- endless Adventures in Japan!
- Japanese kimono show
- rice tea making
- mega japanese art
- dining the ancient japanese way
- Ultimate Ninja show and games
- 在日本无尽的冒险
- 日本和服表演
- 大米制茶
- 巨型日本艺术画作
- 用古日本的方式用日本餐
- 忍者表演和游戏

Day 3 (EGYPT 埃及)
- the ancient ruins of Egypt
- visitation to the MUMMY! About funeral, life and death
- visiting pyramid through a maze
- the pyramids of ancient Pharaoh
- making of pyramid
- dining in Egypt
- Papyrus Scribes making (Scroll)
- 埃及的古代遗迹
- 遇见木乃伊!了解关于葬礼,生与死
- 在巨型金字塔迷宫里探险
- 古代法老王的金字塔
- 制作金字塔
- 在埃及用餐
- 卷轴制作

11 - 13 June, 2018
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