"Active Parenting First Five Years" Facilitator Training Scholarship Application
This is a training opportunity for professionals in Jackson and Josephine counties to become a certified Active Parenting Facilitator. This specific scholarship is offered by The Family Connection & we hope to support you in the implementation of your upcoming parenting program. Please research this curricula to see if it's a good fit for your organization's needs: https://activeparenting.com/product/first-five-years-of-parenting/ 

The Facilitator Training will be in English, but curricula (parenting handbooks, videos, etc.) are in English and Spanish. If you are bilingual, this can be taught to Spanish-speaking families. Please let us know in your implementation plan so we can help make sure to get you the right materials.

Free JumpStart Kits (a $700 value):
- 15 parent handbooks
- facilitator training manual
- curricula PowerPoint with embedded videos 
-  & more! A turnkey teaching experience.

12 hours of evidence-based curricula facilitator training certification:
Wednesday, March 15th 9am - 4pm on ZOOM &
Thursday, March 16th 8:30am -4pm IN PERSON (curricula teachings, role play, facilitation practice and to pick up materials). Lunch is served!
@ The Family Community Center
Doulas & Company - 305 N Bartlett St, Medford

This training counts towards Oregon Registry Online professional development and Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative Parenting Educator Professional Development System.

Applications due by March 3rd 2023. Questions? Contact Bethanee Grace (bgrace@socfc.org | 541-734-5150 x1042) for more information.

More info at: https://thefamilyconnect.org/parenting-educators/
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What will you use this training/certification for?
If trained by The Family Connection, we are wanting you to teach the program to a group of about 10 parents within the next year.  Please let us know your connections in the community to do so, relevant experience (Job, Volunteer, Academic, Facilitation, etc.), you can give examples of a job or volunteer project that you had to be collaborative with other community partners or agencies.

This is an appropriate place to tell us your implementation plan. *Let us know you are bilingual and are planning to teach to local (Jackson or Josephine county) Latinx families.
Thank you for filling out this scholarship form! We will reach out to set up a zoom meeting time for an informal interview. After training in the specific curricula, if needed, The Family Connection will collaborate to place you as the Parenting Educator for a Parenting Series (hopefully at your own organization). There will be clear instructions and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or contract that is agreed to (potential for compensation for teaching and TFC supports for a high quality program). You are in charge of teaching the curriculum to fidelity in a professional manner, classroom management (virtual or in-person), keeping attendance records, and getting exit surveys from attendees (Parenting Skills Ladders). We are happy to be of support during the process. By signing below, you agree to these general terms. 

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