Siggen Seminar 2019
Travel and arrive 18th March
19th and 20th seminar
Leave morning of 21st.

Every year we are generously hosted by the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung at the excellent centre in Siggen, North Germany. Here, we invite members to an intense and practically orientated seminar examining and sharing expertise in a given aspect of parks work.

This year, continuing on from the launch of the YOUTH MANIFESTO, we will focus, in this 2 day seminar, on working with youth. We will explore the new programme created by EUROPARC the Youth + programme and how this can be a model for working with 18-25year old in your park.

We will also hear from other youth programmes to gain new perspectives and ideas that will help you build a programme in your area. You will be welcome to bring your own ideas for a collective “surgery” where we can examine problems and challenges you may have and suggest solutions together.

The seminar is FREE to EUROPARC members, you need only cover your travel costs to Siggen.

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