Discord Bot Community Survey - 2019
Help us understand what the community wants from Discord bots. All questions are optional, but please try to answer as many as possible. After this survey concludes an analysis will be posted containing a download with all responses.

Type all responses in English.
Note: Giving spam answers will result in your entire submission being removed.

General Questions
Please indicate if you are a server owner or admin *
Please indicate if you are a bot developer *
How much time do you spend on Discord?
Do you prefer having a multi-purpose bot or single-purpose bots?
Both have their own trade-offs, but we would like to understand which option users like more
Do you care what library or programming language a bot is made with?
This question does not refer to languages like English. It refers to programming languages like Javascript and Rust.
Do you prefer having bots send help in DMs only or in the channel used?
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