Grønjordskollegiet WiFi Survey
Help us get a better overview of the WiFi situation at the dorm. This also helps us for recommending good network devices.

Note that you are not required to answer where you live, but it helps us a lot if you would answer what floor and in which part you live. We're not asking for room numbers, but it helps us to build a coverage map of the dorm.

Thank you for participating!

What kind of wireless device do you have? *
What brand is your router/access point? (Asus, Netgear, D-link, etc.) *
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What model is your router/access point? (examples: Netgear R6400, Apple Airport Extreme, etc.) *
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What radio band are you using? *
How many devices do you normally have connected to the wireless network (laptops, phones, chromecasts, consoles etc.) *
In general, how well do you think your WiFi works? *
Not at all
Do you experience a lot of disconnections? If so, in what hours?
If the dorm sold "certified working" routers at a reduced price compared to retail, would you be willing to buy one? *
If yes (or similar) do you think it would be reasonable if other (personal) routers were disallowed for the greater good?
What floor do you live on?
What part of the floor?
If you have any general comments, write it here.
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