The discipline of global surgery encompasses the equitable and high-quality delivery of clinical services, research, education, and advocacy on behalf of those afflicted by surgical conditions worldwide. The aim of this survey is to collect information on global surgical partnerships (international or domestic) at U.S. institutions with surgical residency programs in order to construct a comprehensive, current, open-access database. This will ideally enable interested trainees to more easily find and pursue opportunities, and enhance collaboration across institutions. The database will be housed on the website of the recently created Consortium of Academic Global Surgery.
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1. Does your program allow for any elective time within fellowship? *
1a. If yes, how much elective time exists during fellowship at your institution?
1b. If yes, does your program allow fellows to participate in INTERNATIONAL electives during residency?
1c. If yes, does your program allow fellows to participate in UNDERSERVED DOMESTIC electives during residency?
1d. If yes, what support does your program provide for elective fellowship rotations at outside facilities (domestic and/or international)? (Check all that apply) *
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