Holmes Distance/Virtual Learning Survey
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1) What's your child's grade level? If you have more than one child at the school, please submit separate surveys. *
2) In regards to our distance learning [block] schedule, do you think it best supported student learning? *
3) How many times did you or your child reach out to the teacher during office hours? *
4) Which Learning Platform did your teacher use to communicate with you and display student information? * *
5) How many of your child's teachers deliver live instruction? *
6) For teachers who deliver live instruction at the scheduled time, do you think this helps your child with learning the content? *
7) How would you describe the stress level in your home as they relate to Distance Learning? 1-Stressful 5-Overall not stressful *
Not stressful at all
8) In regards to academic screen time for your child, do you think it has been...... *
9) Including live lessons, how many hours per day do you think your child is doing schoolwork? *
10) The assigned work has been clearly explained and easy for my child to follow. *
11) How often do you check your child's Schoology account to find out his/her grades? *
12) Overall, my child was given the... *
13) How effective was the school-home communication? *
Very effective
Not effective at all
14) My child had internet access and was able to login to virtual teaching sessions. *
15) Overall, how was Distance Learning for your child? *
16) Understanding that distance learning is new to all of us, please share some positive feedback regarding your child's online learning experience. (Please do not use teacher/staff names) *
17) What has been the hardest challenge? What are some areas we can improve as a school? (Please do not use teacher/staff names) *
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