Open Call: Artists and Curators for External Pages
External Pages is an exhibition space that only exists online. Every other month, we showcase an artist or collective who push the potential of viewing art on our browsers, which we code ourselves in collaboration with the exhibitors. External Pages subsists on the outskirts of the Internet, where bottom up approaches to public space and access to art can be explored.
How do we make art using the internet which is in a state of being an open-market and neoliberal medium, mostly functioning to accelerate hyper-employment, capitalist realism and self-optimisation?

Every other month, we plan to showcase an artist or collective who push the potential of viewing art on our browsers, with which we help to code, so knowledge of website coding is not necessary. We are approaching our 3rd exhibition, which will open on the 29th of December, and are looking for an artist or collective to show their work for this solo show.

Applicants are expected to submit any media related to net art and links to online portfolios (this can be a blog, website, or even just an Instagram account). If your application is successful we will email you and organise a date to discuss the development of the exhibition.

All people are welcome to apply, but please be aware that requests from minorities in the tech field such as women, those identifying as non-binary, LGBTQ, disabled and/or from a BAME background are prioritised.

Deadline: November 29th 2018

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