Zwift Meetups with Epic Season Coaching & Velocity Cycling Club
Coach Kevin will be leading Zwift Meetup rides during our indoor riding season. Most rides will have some "structure" when Coach Kevin will encourage different riding efforts or pedalling cadences or riding positions (hands on tops, hoods, in the drops). You'll see messages from Coach Kevin appear clearly inside your own Zwift world viewport.

The Meetup "Keep Everyone Together" feature will be used, making these rides accessible to most ability levels. Basically, as long as you keep pedalling, you'll keep getting sling-shot back into our peloton.

For some of the rides we will even follow one of Zwift's structured workouts. "Keep Everyone Together" will let us each do the same workout according to our own FTP settings.

Meetups can also be organized in race format, letting us explore some mid-winter challenges too!

To help streamline the invite process, please sign up to show your interest in joining Zwift Meetup rides during our indoor riding season. You only need to SIGNUP ONCE for the season.

Coach Kevin will invite you to the weekly Zwift rides. All you need to do is:

1. Be following "Kevin Rokosh" on the Zwift platform. Use the Zwift Companion app on your phone to search for my name - I'm the only one with that username on the platform - and select "Follow."

2. Watch for Meetup invites to arrive in the Zwift Companion app, and accept the invitations.

3. Show up in the Zwift platform about 5-10mins before each Meetup time begins. You'll quickly see a "Join Meetup" button that will take you to our own ride staging area. Late joiners should also be teleported into the group, unless I've created the Meetup in Race format. When it's a race, you can only join at the scheduled start time.

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Your Zwift Username (if different from your Full Name) - Please make it easy for me to send you the invites! Placing "[VCC]" at the end of your lastname field helps too.
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