ACS Exam Bank Request Form - Closing May 1
Please read the following before you contact any ACS member about exam bank materials:

* We will allow individuals to request materials for only a normal course load's worth of work per semester (i.e., materials for a maximum of four courses per semester).
* Please request materials when your schedule is finalized.
* Only submit one request per subject (i.e., don't request two teachers)
* Only courses where we have materials for (either that professor or another professor) are included in the list below. If your course is not listed then we likely do not have the materials for them.

Any request that is made without first observing these requirements may go unprocessed.


By requesting these materials you agree not to share any of these materials with anyone, ACS member or otherwise. Please take a moment to review our policy below.

The Exam, Outline, and Evaluation Banks are valuable repositories of information for ACS members. They are comprised of the effort and careful thought of ACS members, who have selflessly contributed for the benefit of other ACS members at HLS. Sharing these materials with other students who have not contributed to the ACS community or to its annual dues undermines the incentive of these students to contribute to these collections. This may in turn deprive the ACS community of the full benefit of their fellow members’ efforts.

Thank you,

The ACS Academics Committee
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If you would like to request materials that are not listed please enter it below including the name of the course and professor. Please keep in mind that if they are not available in the browse, then we are unlikely to have the materials you request.
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