Weekly Lunch Order Form W/O 10/26-10/30

All students are eligible for school lunch, FREE OF CHARGE, through December 31, 2020.

Lunch includes: Protein, Grain, Vegetable, Fruit, Milk.

Below, please fill out the weekly order form for each child if you would like to participate to receive lunch.

Please order by 9:30 am for the current week only. Please submit only one response per child.

On-site students can pick up their meals in the cafeteria before they go to the bus. (NES only- meals will be delivered to classroom)

Virtual student meals will be available for pick up @ SBMS on Monday and Wednesday each week between 11:15 am-12:15 pm at the kitchen door. (drive around back to the dumpsters)

If you have any questions, please contact me: Lauren Wolsch via email: wolschl@ufrsd.net
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School *
Newell Elementary School Only- Class Room # (SBMS/AHS enter N/A) *
Day's you are on-site and would like lunch 10/26-10/30 Only (SMBS & AHS students must pick up in the cafeteria before getting on the bus. NES will be delivered to the classroom) *
Virtual Meal Pick Up- Monday and Wednesday 11:15-12:15. Please select what day you will be picking up meals. If you are 100% virtual, select both days. *
If you are Monday - Wednesday virtual, you will pick up meals on Monday. If you are Wednesday- Friday virtual, you will pick up meals on Wednesday) ALL MEAL PICK UP'S WILL TAKE PLACE AT SBMS ON MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY ONLY. DRIVE AROUND BACK TO THE KITCHEN DOOR (NEAR THE DUMPSTERS) If you select pick up day, please be sure to pick up your meals.
Monday Lunch Option 10/26 *
Tuesday Lunch Option 10/27 *
Wednesday Lunch Option 10/28 (VIRTUAL) *
Thursday Lunch Option 10/29 *
Friday Lunch Option 10/30 *
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