Which courses are trending and which aren't so hot?
A Northeast Business Educators Survey

To quantify which courses are on the rise and which are losing popularity.
To discover new course ideas
To connect educators to others teaching classes they are interested in

What courses does your DEPARTMENT offer and how have enrollments been trending the last 3-4 years? *
Please measure 'enrollments' by how many SECTIONS/PERIODS the class is offered.
We teach this, enrollments have been rising
We teach this, enrollments have been steady
We teach this, enrollments have been falling
We don't teach this
Accounting 2
Advanced Accounting (any level above '2')
AP Economics (Micro, Macro or both)
Business Law
Personal Financial Literacy
Marketing 2 (or any 'general' Marketing/Sales focused class above an intro level)
Social Media Marketing
Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Fashion and Hospitality Marketing
Computer Applications (general focus may include internet, hardware, microsoft, etc)
Microsoft Office Specialist (higher level class to certify in Microsoft Office Suite)
Google Applications
Web Design/Desktop Publishing
Video Production
Career Exploration (may include 'Leadership' themes)
Co-operative Work Experience (students taking part of day to work)
Internship Program (perhaps unpaid, select this over co-op based on your course)
International Business
Virtual Enterprise (VEI program)
Introduction to Business
Business Communications
What, if any other courses does your department offer that were not included above?
If you teach any online courses for your department, indicate that here.
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If you have a link to a course guide with descriptions, please copy and paste it here. If you can't, please explain course titles you list that are not self-evident.
Northeast Business Educators would love to collect links to course guides to help inform other teachers.
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