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Here's what we need to know to consider your game for the Leftfield Collection at EGX Rezzed 2020, which is taking place at Tobacco Dock, London, 26th-28th March 2020. Submissions close on Friday the 17th of January 2020.

If selected there's no cost to exhibit, but places are limited. We can't cover travel and accommodation for exhibitors, but being at EGX Rezzed will put your game in front of press, publishers and many thousands of people.

In the case of PC games, our sponsors provide hardware and you don't necessarily have to attend. For Android, iOS, VR and anything else though, you'd have to provide hardware and be able to attend to look after it during the show.

All games and game-like things are welcome, and we're especially interested in accommodating custom hardware and unusual games. The Leftfield is there to showcase everything from small hobby projects and interactive things, to interesting and beautiful commercial work.

There's a much longer FAQ here: https://ympt.co.uk/leftfield-collection-faq/

If you have any questions not included in that, discuss with david.hayward@gamer-network.net

Sound good? In that case, we'd like to know this stuff please:
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1. Project Details
If you want to submit multiple games, that's fine but please do a separate submission for each one. All information submitted as part of section 1 ("Project Details") is confidential to the Leftfield curation process.
Link to things we can look at *
Project website or presskit ([https://dopresskit.com] is good, or alternatively itch.io [http://itch.io] is free if you don't have your own hosting); somewhere online we can look at screenshots, trailers, etc. in a web browser. Please, not a big zip file.
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Preferably gameplay, and doesn't have to be a super polished trailer or anything. This isn't compulsory, but is really useful to us.
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A brief description of your project *
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Can you give a link to a build?
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How is your project funded, if at all? *
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Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?
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2. Basics
The stuff in this section, along with your email address, will be shared within Gamer Network for EGX.
What's the name of your project? *
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Project website, if any:
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What platform(s) is it on? *
Does your project have local multiplayer?
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What's your name please? *
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Who should this project be attributed to?
Person, studio name, collective name, etc. - whichever is most appropriate. If you leave this blank, we'll default to your name.
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Is your project commercial or non-commercial?
i.e. do you or are you planning to sell it to people? This doesn't decide whether your project will or won't get into Leftfield, it's just useful in composing a balanced lineup. We've included "Other" in case you have some kind of edge case.
Finally, where are you based please?
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3. Your Data
Information submitted above as part of section 1 ("Project Details") is confidential to the Leftfield curation process and will only be shared with YMPT Limited for the specific purpose of the curation of Leftfield. Information submitted as part of section 2 ("Basics") will be shared with the Gamer Network sales team specifically for EGX Rezzed 2020. They will not pass on or use this information for any other purpose, and it will be deleted after the event.
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That's it. Thanks!
Submissions close on Friday the 17th of January 2020, and if you have any questions not answered in the FAQ ( https://ympt.co.uk/leftfield-collection-faq/ ), email david.hayward@gamer-network.net

If you don't see an email copy of your submission, please check your spam.

Don't worry about submitting early. If you want to submit updated assets/etc., feel free to just make another submission, because weeding out duplicate entries is much easier than fishing things out of my inbox. Cheers! - David H
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