OSAAPT Equipment Grant Application - Deadline to submit is February 15, 2018
Active members of the Ohio Section interested in acquiring equipment to improve the laboratory or other hands-on experience of students in their Physics or Physical Science classes are encouraged to apply for the Ohio Section Equipment Grant. Funds from this grant may be used to purchase any equipment that can be used to directly enhance the students’ hands-on learning of Physics.

Applicants may apply for grants of up to $1000. Grant funds will be administered, and equipment purchased, through the Ohio Section.

Recipients of awards will have the expectation of reporting back to the Ohio Section in a timely manner, at Section meetings, on the use of the grant funds in their classrooms. This could be through a How I Do It contribution or workshop.

Applications will be accepted up to the deadline date and the grant awarded at the Spring meeting of the section.

Be sure to scroll down to complete all required questions and then to submit the application. You will get a confirmation message after you have successfully submitted your application

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Last Ohio Section meeting that you attended (e.g. Fall 2017) Check all that apply *
If above you indicated a meeting date longer ago than spring 2013, identify your last OS/AAPT attendance.
In the space below, detail the equipment requested, including anticipated cost *
In the space below, describe how this equipment will improve or impact student hands-on physics/physical science learning. *
In the space below, describe how you plan to report to the OSAAPT how you used the equipment and its impact on your students’ learning. *
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