Winter BIY League 2019 - Expression of Interest Form
Hello Captains! Below is the form to express interest for your team to play in the 2019 Winter BIY League. The deadline to fill out this form is Friday, February 15th, 2019 at midnight.

Submitting a team does not guarantee placement in this league. If there are more applications than space in the league, we will proceed to a lottery, as well as uphold the team waitlist policy. Any team who met the waitlist rules for Fall 2018 BIY will be guaranteed entry into this league, but must still fill out the form below with their roster. For more details on this policy, visit the policy section of our website.

We are planning to use the bye format again this year (similar to Winter 2018), to give more teams the opportunity to play. We have space for 30 teams in this league. Games will run on Monday nights from 8pm-12am, from February 25 - May 6, 2019. With 30 teams in the league, each team will get 9 weeks of play, and 2 bye weeks. Visit our website for more league details.

*New this league, as part of our gender equity initiatives to make MZU more inclusive and supportive of all genders, we will be using a variation of WFDF Gender Ratio Rule A for all games. WFDF Gender Ratio Rule A promotes gender equity by providing truly equal field time for both genders. The major benefit of Rule A is the fact that both genders get to play an equal number of points where their respective gender has the majority on the field. Mile Zero Ultimate is a co-ed league, and therefore we want to empower our female-matching players by providing them with equal playing opportunities on the field. We realize there may be some growing pains while we switch to this format, but we truly believe that this change will improve the quality of play for all players over time. For this league, each team will be required to submit a roster with a minimum of 5 players of each gender (5 male-matching and 5 female-matching). If you're looking for more players, check out the matchmaking form on our website.*

If you have any questions or concerns, please email to

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