DC State Fair 2014 - Heaviest Fruit Contest Entry Form
Welcome to the DC State Fair! Please fill out the information below to enter the Heaviest Fruit Contest (watermelon growers, this one is for you!). Although we will accept entries on the day of the Fair, we strongly encourage you to fill out this entry form early.

DC State Fair will be held on Saturday, September 20, at the Old City Farm and Guild near the Shaw metro. The drop-off and judging schedule will be available at www.dcstatefair.org/event-details. We ask that winning entries be on display until Fair closing at 7 p.m., when they can be claimed if you agree to display your Heaviest Fruit.

Your fruit must be grown in the District of Columbia. We're celebrating all that the District can produce!

Up to two entries per person, if you want to enter two different fruit. Please fill out one form per entry.

DC State Fair board, judges, coordinators and volunteers are eligible to enter and can win ribbons, but any prizes of monetary value will be awarded to the next-highest placement.

If you have any questions please contact Christine Perez at christine@thedcstatefair.org
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Thanks to the generous support of the DC State Fair community, there will be no contest entry fees this year! However, we always welcome donations at the DC State Fair PayPal page (http://www.dcstatefair.org/entryfee) and at the Fair.

Hit submit to make your entry. Thank you for participating in DC State Fair!
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