Brewie World Cup Challenge - quarter-finals
Hey there, fellow beer lover!

Welcome to the quarter finals of the 2018 World Cup!

As the teams are slowly getting eliminated, we made some changes in the game: guess the results of the knockout phase and receive 4% for every accurate guess! Don't worry - you can still reach up to 32% discount with the extra questions we have.

To make things even more exciting, from now on, you can guess the final champion as well - with which you can win an extra $150 gift coupon after the end of the tournament.

Are you a bit behind on the good guesses? Don't worry - we have extra discounts and opportunities for all, which you can find at:

We're going to assess all answers after the quarter finals end, which will be at Wednesday, 07.08.

By taking part, you accept our rules and regulations for the game which can be found here:

Best of luck, beer lover and don't forget to enjoy the matchups with a nice pint of cold beer!


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Who will be the World Champion? ($150 discount, if correct) *
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France - Uruguay
Brazil - Belgium
Sweden - England
Russia - Croatia
Which match will have the biggest score difference before shootout? (2% discount) *
Which team will score the most before shootout? (2% discount) *
Which player will score the most before shootout? (2% discount, only 1 player can be given) *
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Which matchup will have the most scores before shootout? (2% discount) *
Which matchup will surely include a penalty? (2% discount) *
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Which matchup will surely end in a shootout? (2% discount) *
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