University Room Bookings
Please fill in this form to book a University teaching room. This form is submitted to Queen Mary Students' Union and approved by Queen Mary University of London, you will be informed of your booking confirmation by Queen Mary Students' Union reception in due course.

There is a ten working day (2 weeks) notice period for external speakers. All university room bookings will now take a minimum of two weeks to process.
If you are aware of any controversy of any of your proposed speakers, these speakers are of a high profile nature or you are planning on risk assessing a large number of speakers, we recommend that you still give twenty working days (4 weeks) notice.

More information can be found on the external speaker page.
If the date of your booking needs to be changed, you must cancel your booking and submit another online form. No changes to dates will be authorised via email or in person at the Reception desk.
You can cancel your booking by e-mailing Reception and quoting your reference number.
Bookings outside of the standard teaching hours will NOT incur a charge subject to the following conditions:
1. The group has affiliated with Queen Mary Students’ Union and the booking process is carried out by a principal officer of said student group.

2. Bookings take place between Monday and Friday during term time 9am to 10pm.

3. Any booking after 6pm at Mile End will be placed below the 3rd floor of the Francis Bancroft Building. Any bookings after 6pm at Whitechapel is placed in the Garrod Building.

4. Weekends bookings at Mile End will be placed in the Bancroft building (these will be charged at the commercial external rate as directed by the University Events Team).

5. The booking does not extend beyond 10pm.

6. Bookings have been authorised by Queen Mary Students’ Union.

7. Bookings are received 10 working days in advance of the proposed date.

8. Only one booking per group per week is free, additional bookings may incur a charge.

9. Bookings are for sit-down meetings only at Mile End campus. Concerts, dance rehearsals and related events are prohibited at the Mile End site, but are permissible under certain circumstances at Whitechapel outside of normal working hours.

10. The space allocated for the booking is at the discretion of Queen Mary University, to limit the number of buildings open outside of normal working hours.

11. Rooms must be reset in accordance with the room plan displayed in the room at the end of each event.

12. All other conditions within this form must be met, including Queen Mary Students’ Union’s fair usage policy:

13. Failure to comply with any of the above conditions will result in a charge being payable and may jeopardise future bookings.
Any Costs incurred for staffing or providing any service for the event must be paid for by the the group in advance of the booking. The 'Events and Sales' or 'Timetabling Support' Offices will advise on the costs involved.
Weekend Bookings in the Garrod Building.
Only BLSA student groups are permitted to book the Garrod Building at the weekend.

Any non-BLSA student groups must request weekend bookings at non-Mile End locations through the University sales team at

BLSA student groups should fill out the online booking form in the usual way
No food or beverages are to be consumed within the area of your event.
No banners, flags or similar items may be brought into the building, or used anywhere inside or outside the building, in a manner likely to lead to injury of damage or cause breach of the peace.
The right to invite persons who are not members or employees onto College premises rests exclusively with the College Council. All meetings or other activities in the College are open only to members and employees of the College unless permission to open the meeting to other persons has been given by an authorised person, via this form.
The College may seek further particulars about any planned meeting from the organiser or principal organiser who shall be under duty to cooperate in all respects with such inquiries.
If approved, where difficulties arise or are reasonably apprehended during or immediately prior to a meeting such that the meeting cannot be allowed to take place or continue without risk of damage, injury, harassment or serious disturbance, the controlling officer, if one has been appointed, shall be empowered to take steps necessary to deal with the situation including, if unavoidable, cancellation of the meeting or bringing the meeting to a close.
All groups must be inclusive of all members regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and / or belief / religion.
Can you confirm that you have read and will comply to these conditions? *
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