Lattice VC: Blockchain Conversations
At Lattice, we have been active in the blockchain community for 4 years, including working with Coinbase, Blockstack, Mediachain, IPFS, and OB1. We've seen that the companies with the best chance of success will have a fundamental understanding of security, legal, financial instruments, regulation, community building, and technology.

We want to open the conversation with regulators, lawyers, economics, financial professionals, and technologists to help move the ecosystem forward. We have access to experts in the space and want to bring more transparency to these topics to everyone interested.

If you are interested in discussing the regulatory, financial, legal, and technology fundamentals around blockchain - please sign up below to join us for our upcoming Blockchain conversations.

We plan to host our first event in New York City in Q1 2018. If you are outside of NYC, note that below so we can potentially share remote access to the discussions. We will add your name to our email list to notify you about future events.

Questions? Ask @br_ttany

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