MSBOA Volunteers

Here is what we need to run the MSBOA Marching Festival successfully. Please indicate what you can do to help.

FOOD: (4-6 people)

- Donating a meal for the judges and workers. BBQ, chips, desserts, etc. for the press box.
We also need a coordinator for this task to organize and set up the food.

- Working in the concession stand: (8-10 people)
We will be opening the concession stand to sell food to raise some money! We also need
a coordinator for this position. You will be able to see the ZHS Band when they perform.


- Guiding a band (11 people)
This involves meeting the band at the stadium parking lot when they arrive, checking
them in, taking them to their warm-up area, timing their warm-up so they get out on time, and
leading them back to the stadium for their performance. You will be involved for about 90
minutes once the band arrives.

- Working the parking lot (2-4 people)
Directing traffic, assisting band buses, in general keeping a lid on things so traffic flows
smoothly. Spectators park at one end, buses at the other, etc. I can get you a fun orange vest to
wear if you’d like.

- Ticket Sellers (4-8 people)
While there are no formal tickets, you would be by the entrance gates collecting money
and giving change. You would be able to see most of the bands as they perform.

- General Coordinator (1 person)
This would be the person in charge of all the other people. It could be two people, even.
The job would involve making sure volunteers are set up and ready to go, putting out fires as they
occur, and in general being the boss. I would prefer this be someone who has experience
traveling with us to festivals and knows what to expect. I cannot be available for this job most of
the night, but will have cell phone, etc. to assist if needed.

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