Mother Goose Time Blog Community
The mission of the Mother Goose Time Blog Community is to share raw and honest stories about teaching infants, toddlers and preschoolers. In doing so, we can empower others to celebrate the struggles and discover the pure joy of working with young children.

Through your blog, our customers in all corners of the world will have a window through which they can see the Mother Goose Time curriculum in action. From your examples, they can learn ideas for how to use Mother Goose Time and even more, gain insights on how to adapt the activities and materials to the uniqueness of their children.

The Mother Goose Time research and development team also deeply appreciates following the curriculum experiences shared on your blog. We routinely review the blogs for fresh ideas and to see how certain projects translate into the reality of a preschooler’s day. It is our goal at Mother Goose Time to continuously study and look at key child development and teaching topics, in order to provide the best possible curriculum for our children and teaching tools for you, the child care providers.

Monthly, we will share a focus topic with you and ask for thoughts, ideas and invite you to blog about any connections you might discover while working with your children.

We often link to the Blog Ambassador posts from our blog, website and social media platforms to share your experiences with other Mother Goose Time educators and Early Childhood Educators in general. As we stated before we don't just share for marketing purposes but to teach and inspire. Spreading word about Mother Goose Time is important, but the community that the Blog Ambassadors have created and the body of work that is out there as a resource is priceless!

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We are so glad you are interested in joining the Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador community. As part of the Blog Ambassador team you will be invited to join the private Blog Ambassador Facebook group where we share our experience as Bloggers and Educators. You will get the inside scoop on new and exciting things happening at Mother Goose Time and of course we can't forget the free curriculum! Please fill out this application and our Blog Coordinator will be in touch.
Please read the following expectations of a Mother Goose Time blog ambassador. Please check each statement to verify your acceptance of the commitment. If you agree to all of these commitments, please continue to fill out the entire application. *
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