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JumpDesign Services - Request a Quote
JumpDesign offers design solutions for your online business with 3 different plans:

Hourly Rate:
- 25 eur/h
- Max 10h of Work
- Support via email
- Follow-up via Skype/phone
- For Jumpseller Plus, Pro or Premium plan only

Design Theme:
- Merchant selects a ThemeForest theme
- 1 batch of allowed changes
- 1 hour of "JumpDesign Hourly Rate" for next 3 months
- For Jumpseller Pro or Premium plan only

Design Custom Solution:
- 1-on-1 meeting for requirement gathering
- 1-on-1 meeting for design presentation
- 1 hour of “JumpDesign Hourly Rate” monthly
- Bi-weekly follow-up via Skype/phone
- For Jumpseller Premium Plan only

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What does your company sell?
Example: "We sell custom shoes.", "We are an electronics wholesaler", "We sell art.", etc
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What is the e-commerce objective?
Example: Improve store design of my web site. Help adding products to my web site.
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What design needs do you have?
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