Passage Committee and Club Request Form

Due by June 4, 2010. Committee and Club requests need to be done each year. All committees need to be represented by a member of your grade level. Grade chairs must be on the School Improvement Team.

Clubs and activities are needed to keep students involved and in school. Your sponsorship adds value to our school and is greatly appreciated. It is expected that each staff member find a club or activity that they can participate with in some way.

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    Building Com
    IB MYP Team
    Technology Team
    Math Team
    Literacy Team
    PTA Board
    Community Relations
    Hospitality Committee
    Other- fill in the committee below
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    International Club
    Spanish Tutoring
    French Tutoring
    Lego League
    Drama Club
    Math Turoring
    Intramural Sports
    Basketball Girls
    Basketball Guys
    Volleyball Girls
    Volleyball Guys
    Track Girls
    Track Guys
    Battle of the Books
    Student Council Association
    Art Club
    Games Club
    Peotry Club
    Golf Club
    Teens for Christ
    Ecology Club
    Chess Club
    Family, Career and Comminity Leaders of America
    Builders Club
    Key Club
    Honor Society
    Oye Como Va
    The Panther Press
    School Spirit Team
    Content Tutoring
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