2019-20 USCA College Curling Player Registration Form
As a USA Curling College Tour player, you have two obligations: 1) To be a member of the US Curling Association. That is typically done when you pay dues to your local curling club, 2) To register yourself as a participant with the College Tour through this form. Failure to register by January 31, 2020, could mean the loss of team points for any event for which you are on the roster. BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE "SUBMIT" BUTTON AT THE END OF THE SESSION.
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This list is arranged with those schools that have earned verified points in the past two years listed alphabetically first, other schools that earned points more than two years ago, an schools we anticipate having registrations from in the coming year, listed alphabetically second. If your school does not appear on this list and you need to register, contact Gordon Maclean at gmaclean482@gmail.com.
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