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Pricing is based off garment, size, and design. Tie-dye gets more difficult the smaller the item/design, some designs cannot be done on smaller garments. Simple symmetrical designs work best, but we get pretty creative; Tie-Dye is an abstract art. Nothing is ever a guarantee, but we'll make sure you're happy!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have BEFORE ORDERING by email at, or text/call ITH Tie-Dye at 706-767-5875 between 10a - 6p daily EST.
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Current Available Products: Gildan Softstyle short-sleeved tee, Gildan Softstyle long sleeved tee with hemmed cuff, Gildan Heavy Duty long-sleeved tee with ribbed cuff, Gildan Heavy Duty 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Tee, unisex crew socks (one size), standard pillow case. ITH Tie-Dye is not responsible for sizing issues. Please, check the 'Product Specifications' against your measurements, before you order.
Product Size (If Applicable)
Short Sleeve Available XS-XXXL
Long Sleeve Available S-XXXL
3/4 Sleeve Available S-XXXL
Unisex Hoodie S-XL
Women's Hoodie S-XL
Legging Available S-XL
Duster Cardigan S-XXL
Socks - N/A One Size
Standard Pillow Case - N/A One Size
Tie Dye Design
The patterns that result from the ice tie-dying process are unique, in that no two items will ever look exactly the same. Even, with the same exact tying method replicated, there will always be variations. When you order a specific pattern, please keep in mind that your item will never be an exact replica of any other item we have produced. We believe that this characteristic of variation is what makes tie-dye so special and allows our customers to have one-of-a-kind items. You may order any tying pattern on any of our products, even if it is not pictured as such.
What design would you like? We can do any of the designs below on any item, even if it is not pictured as such. *
Tie Dye Color(s)
Please choose as many colors as you would like to have on your product. The color of the actual items may slightly vary from the images due to the separation of colors in the ice dying process. We believe that the color separation just adds to the uniqueness of your finished product. Thank you for your understanding.
Please list any color you would like to have on your item. You may choose as many as you like. If you have a preference for how much of each color, please include that in your response. IF NO PREFERENCE IS LISTED, ALL COLORS WILL BE DISTRIBUTED IN EQUAL AMOUNTS. *
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Let us know if you have any special instructions or requests.
By typing your first and last name below, you are agreeing to purchase your custom order item from ITH Tie-Dye. Online payment must be received before your item is produced. It can take up to two weeks to complete your order. We thank you for your patience. Shipping will be billed for $5 per item. Invoice will be emailed from In The Hills. All items are shipped after payment has been received. Thank you for your business! *
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