Religious Education Registration, Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach
Registration Description
Our Religious Education (RE) Program is co-operative and volunteer-led. Registration in the program has two parts: 1) completing this registration form and 2) serving the RE community. All adults who register children and youth in the program are expected to volunteer (coordinate or assist) with four (4) RE events*. Families who choose not to volunteer in RE are requested to contribute $50 per family. Families who sign up for to serve an RE event are responsible for finding replacements or substitutes to serve in their place.

*Lifespan RE Committee members, RE teachers (OWL and Coming of Age included) are EXEMPT from coordinating or assisting four RE events.

Four children/youth per registration form.

Child/Youth Information
Child/Youth's Last Name
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Child/Youth's First and Middle Name
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Date of Birth
Please enter the date of birth for the child/youth you are registering.
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Grade for 2016-2017
Is the participant returning or new to the RE program?
What class is the child/youth attending in the RE Program?
If the child is attending the Nursery, how long does it take for the child to settle into new environments? (e.g. 10 minutes, no time at all, etc.)
Please also share if there is anything we can do to ensure the child's attachment to the Nursery care providers and the Nursery itself.
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What are the child/youth's talents or special interests?
(e.g. plays the piano, chess master, sings, basketball, acting, knows the names of all the dinosaurs, etc.)
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Is there anything else that is important for us to know about this child/youth? Please consider sharing information about the child/youth that will assist us in creating a welcoming classroom and learning environment.
If there are no accommodations needed, please type "NONE". If there are, please be specific (e.g. lactose intolerant, vegan, needs pipecleaners to remain still during Circle Time, parents are divorcing, etc.) and share what we can do to support the child/youth while in our care.
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Are there additional children/youth to register?
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