Jamboree 2018 // Pre-Registration
We will use the information below to ensure that:
- attendees are professionally engaged in visual arts practice (ie working as artists, curators or in other relevant arts roles)
- there is a mix of participants coming from across the UK
- there is a mix of artists and curators with a range of different practices and approaches
- artists and curators at different stages of their professional career attend Jamboree 2018

These are our criteria for offering tickets for the event. We are aware that there is likely to be more interest in this event than we have capacity for.

We will try to be as fair as possible in offering tickets, and we'd like to apologise in advance to anyone who we are not able to offer a place to.

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​Pre-registration is open until Thurs 1st Feb 2018, after which point we will get back to people as soon as possible to offer tickets.​

If there is a high level of demand for spaces from your particular location, or at your career stage, or practice type, we may only be able to offer you a space on our reserve list for tickets. If this is the case, we'll let you know.

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