Registration - Team Competition
Competition 4 is now open for registrations and entries.

This form is to register your interest in competing in the Virtual Working Equitation team competition. Teams are made up of 3 or 4 riders. At least one rider must be in a level above Preparatory (i.e. Preliminary or Novice). Riders can enter twice in the same team on another horse. Horses may only be entered as one entry per team and in one team only. A rider can compete in multiple teams with different horses.

The horse and rider combination must do both phases per entry (i.e. you cannot have one horse doing Dressage and another horse for Ease of Handling in the competition phases).

We will keep you up to date with any news and important posts by email as well as send you links to the Judges Course Walk videos for Ease of Handling. This is not an obligation to submit your entry form. Entries are completed on another form after you have filmed your videos. This must be submitted by the competition closing date of 11th January 2021.

Optional survey questions are included at the end of the registration information.

Press the Submit button to send your form. You will receive a copy of your submission by email.

Organiser: Belinda Rodriguez
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Team Name (if you don't have a team then please enter 'Wanting to find a team' so that we can help you get some team members together). *
Please select the level(s) that you intend to enter. You can enter one level per horse and rider combination. You may ride a second horse in the same level or enter another level with a different horse. Lead-Line horses may also be ridden at a higher level with a different rider. *
Is the rider over 18? (you may compete if under 18 with parent/guardian consent). *
Which country are you from?
What region (state, province) of that country are you from?
Are you affiliated with a Working Equitation group? If so, please enter the group name.
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How long have you been training Working Equitation (with any horse)?
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Which other equestrian disciplines do you do?
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