RHS/RJHS Seated or Online Summer School JUNE 2021
Rolla High School/Rolla Jr. High will be conducting SEATED or ONLINE summer school beginning Thursday, June 3, 2021, and going through Wednesday, June 30, 2021. All classes offered will be online or seated, you must choose one or the other, not both. Course offerings can be found under course titles and on the application.

CONTACT PERSON: Questions should be directed to the school counselors, or summer school principals Mr. Josh Smith or Mrs. Sheri Norman. They may be reached at Rolla High School, 900 Bulldog Run or by calling 458-0140, ext 14015 or by email at (ONLINE) joshs@rolla31.org or (SEATED)snorman@rolla31.org

ENROLLMENT: The Rolla High School/Junior High online summer program is open to students who have successfully completed eighth grade, or need to repeat 8th grade math or English. Students are eligible to enroll at no cost and earn up to one unit of high school credit. Prerequisites for classes, as noted in the Rolla High School/Junior High Course Description Handbook, apply to summer school courses.

DRIVERS EDUCATION: Driver education enrollees must be at least 15 years of age by June 3, 2021, and will be asked to pay $1.00 for the instructional driving permit. In order to receive credit for this course, students must complete 6 hours of behind the wheel driving training. Due to the current social distancing restrictions, students may not be able to complete this until the restrictions are lifted. Students will receive an "N" for a grade until the driving is completed. However, if a student has their permit, they can complete their training with a parent/guardian. They will be given specific types of driving that must be completed and a log must be filled out.


Students who wish to enroll should fill out the google form no later than Friday, May 21, 2021. Enrollees will be admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

CREDIT: Students may earn one-half credit per course by attending and passing (60 hours of instruction). To earn one full credit, students must attend two class sessions (120 hours of instruction).

GRADE REPORTS: Mid-term grade reports will be given to students at the appropriate time. The final grade report will be available in mid-June 2021.

ONLINE EXPECTATIONS: All classes are worth one-half credit. Students are expected to complete an equivalent amount of work to a whole semester class. Students will need to keep up daily with their courses and stay in communication with their teachers. If a student doesn’t have any contact with the teacher within the first three days of the course they may be dropped from the course.

SEATED CLASS ATTENDANCE: Success in the summer session depends on consistent attendance. Any student who is absent more than six (6) hours for any reason from any course cannot earn credit for the class. Those planning summer camps or vacations must take this regulation into account. If a student has three tardies during the AM or PM sessions of summer school, it will equal one hour absent towards that session.

SEATED CLASS DRESS CODE: The dress code for summer school is the same as during the regular school term.

ONLINE CLASSES DEVICES: If a student signs up for an online course, students will need access to the internet. We will have Chromebooks available to check out if needed.

AUDITING SEATED CLASSES: Students may take a class as an audit (not for credit) if they wish. This has generally been done for students in Driver Education who know they will exceed the six (6) hour absence limit, but still want as much instruction and experience as they can obtain. (Students wishing to audit a course should write the word “audit” next to the course to be designated as such.) Students going into Algebra I and Geometry, who want the exposure to help ensure success in the fall term, may also choose to audit those classes as enrichment. If you are uncertain whether or not auditing a course is to your advantage, feel free to discuss it with your school counselor or Mrs. Norman, the summer school principal.

RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Students are subject to the rules of the Rolla Public Schools. Student rights and responsibilities will be sent to them the first day of each session. There will be NO discipline problems during summer school. Full cooperation with the staff is expected; anything less will result in the student being withdrawn from summer school.

SEATED CLASSES LUNCH: Students may not leave campus during the school day. Students may purchase and eat lunch in the cafeteria during their lunch time.

SEATED CLASSES PARKING: Upon arrival at school, students are to immediately enter the building. Students are not permitted in the parking lot during the school day.

SEATED CLASSES TRANSPORTATION: Transportation services will be provided on a limited basis. Routes will be run within the city limits for the AM session only. For more information contact the transportation office, 458-0125. If you choose "YES" that your student will require transportation, you will receive a follow up email regarding bus stops and bus numbers. Transportation will not be provided for students enrolled in the afternoon session.

SCHEDULE: Classes will be held Monday through Friday. Starting Thursday, June 3, 2021 and ending Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

CREDIT RECOVERY: This is an option for students who need to repeat courses for credit or who need to earn additional credits in order to graduate with their class. The amount of work and time required to complete each course in Credit Recovery varies student to student. Therefore it is possible for some students to complete more than one class during Credit Recovery. Please consult with your counselor to determine if Credit Recovery is a viable option for you.
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