FBC Pastoral Profile Survey
Your Pastor Search Team would like for you to give this matter your prayerful and thoughtful attention. You are the church, and we desire your insight in regards to selection of a new pastor! This will help in the work you have asked of us.
How much pastoral experience should our new pastor have, at least?
Clear selection
While age should not be a primary factor, approximately what age pastor do you feel our church should seek at this time?
What educational qualifications should our new pastor have?
Clear selection
A pastor has many important responsibilities. While he ought to be interested in each of the following, which do you feel should receive most of his time? (Check five)
On which of these should he spend the least time on? (Check two)
What do you feel is the most important quality our pastor should possess? Feel free to express your feelings about other characteristics you would like to have in a pastor.
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