Keystone State Invitational II Sign-up Sheet
March 28th - March 29th
Team Name *
If you have multiple teams, please submit this form once for each team with the first one labeled "_____ A," the second one "_____ B," and so on.
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Chaperone *
There must be one chaperone present for up to 10 participants under the age of 18, two chaperones for up to 20, etc.
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Contact Person *
A person who may be contacted on the morning of the tournament. This person may be the same as the chaperone.
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Contact Email *
Logistics information will be sent to this email one week in advance of the tournament.
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Contact Phone Number *
This phone number will receive a text message on the morning of the tournament confirming attendance.
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Do you require an invoice? *
Does your invoice need to be signed at the tournament upon confirmation of payment?
Does your team intend to compete in the NAQT tournament, the PACE tournament, or both? *
Please list the number of buzzers you are bringing *
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Please list the number of staffers you are bringing *
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Is there anything else you would like to tell us about this team's registration?
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