2019 Auction Commitment Form
Thank you for donating to the Red Sky Night Gala auction, which will be on August 23 at Columbia Yacht Club in Chicago.
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Name or company as you would like to be recognized in all materials. Please enter NONE if you or the donor does not want to be recognized.
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Please include brief particulars of your donation in this answer, i.e. Two Nights at The Drake Hotel, not just two-night hotel stay.
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Here is where to give as many specifics as possible--this is what we'll use to promote the item at the event.
What is the value of this donation? *
This information is crucial--please include total market value.
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Please include any blackout dates, additional fees, age restrictions. When in doubt, include the information.
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Expiration Date (if applicable)
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How will this item be delivered to the Auction Committee? *
Please ensure that all items are delivered by July 15, 2019.
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If someone from the committee did request this donation, please share their name.
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