We have two opportunities to MAKE HISTORY ON THE HILL during Black History Month!

Friday, February 15th, will be for MUSIC (singers, instrumental, dancing) on the front lawn during lunch. We would like your pieces to focus on BLACK HISTORY in song and/or dance. And the last Friday, February 22nd, will be for poetry reading and oratory speeches (again on the front lawn during lunch and again, we would like your focus to be on Black History.) If you would like to apply to be a singer, dancer, poetry reader, or speaker you must fill out this form and include your song choice, poem lyrics, and your entire speech. You will have to perform ONLY what you have signed up to perform and it must be school appropriate.

We are excited to extend Black History Month in this way and feature some of our finest artists and speakers on the front lawn at lunch. If the weather does not cooperate, this will have to be cancelled, so be aware of that possibility!

Once we have reviewed your song, lyrics, and/or speech, you will be emailed with an approval notice and additional details. You will need to provide your own background track (we will have a speaker and adaptor, so you can just have the background track on your phone.) Be checking your email! Thank you!

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How does your song/dance/poetry/speech reflect our focus on Black History? Our theme is... "Our histories are our inspirations, our motivations, not our limitations."
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MAKE SURE YOU CLICK SUBMIT and then check your email in the next 48 hours for confirmation that you are on the program!
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