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Liability waiver
This OUTWARD BOUND program you intend to participate on is an educational program involving indoor and outdoor sports and recreational activities. The basic method is learning by experience, which means that you will have the possibility to participate in unusual activities, to experiment with different solutions and new behaviors, and to work in a group with other participants. Your experiences will be discussed in a group.

The activities can include hiking, climbing, abseiling and ropes-course elements, as well as group tasks that include more or less physical effort. The programs are designed to fit the participants’ needs and abilities. Participants may choose to not actively participate in an activity but they still must be present for all activities.

The activities are coordinated by qualified, experienced instructors, who take care of both the physical and the psychological safety of the participants.

Some activities involve physical exertion, as well as known and unknown risks. I hereby accept to use all equipment and apparatus provided by OUTWARD BOUND Romania. Our rules are designed to serve the safety and well-being of all participants, they need to be followed by each and every participant.

The information provided by you on this form helps us design a program to fit your needs, your physical abilities and to offer help for any physical limitation you may have. All of this information is confidential.

For minors under 18, smoking as well as alcohol use is expressly forbidden during the entire OUTWARD BOUND course. Illegal or un-prescribed controlled drugs are absolutely not allowed. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the participant being sent home.

OUTWARD BOUND ROMANIA or OUTWARD BOUND INTERNATIONAL and OUTWARD BOUND GLOBAL will not be held responsible for any accidents or other incidents that arise from not complying with rules and regulations.

OUTWARD BOUND is internationally recognized for the emphasis we place on participant safety and during the 20 year operation of OUTWARD BOUND ROMANIA no serious accidents have occurred on our programs.

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