Touhou Luna Nights

In this year's Touhou Matsuri, we are bringing Touhou Luna Nights, by Team Ladybug, to the big screen!
In Luna Nights, Sakuya Izayoi has been trusted into an alternate Gensokyo, and requires your aid to take down several Gensokyo residents in a boss rush mode.

Time is of the essence here, and the fastest player to clear as many bosses in the boss rush gets to walk away with some Touhou merchandises!

The details are as follow:

General Details
== Venue, Date, & Time ==
Venue: Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre
Date: 31st August 2019; Day 1 of AniManGaki
Start Time: 11:00 AM
Participation Fee: FREE

== Online Pre-Registration ==
Latest 30th August 2019@12:00AM

== On-Site Registration ==
Registration closes by 10:00AM on 31st August 2019.

== Mode & Setup ==
Mode: Boss Rush
- Characters set an predetermined level
- All knives/hp/mp/time/weapon upgrades will be unlocked for this time trial tournament

== Rules & Regulation ==
- This is a time trial tournament
- Players will be timed (10 minutes) during the run.
- Players time will be recorded after clearing all 8 bosses within 10 minutes.
- If no one clears all 8 bosses, player who reached the highest boss after 10 minutes will have their time recorded.
- In the first 5 minutes, players are given 2 tries. If players have passed the 5 minute mark, they are given 1 try due to time constraint.
- A timekeeper must be present before starting the run for it to count.
- Usage of modified equipment/software (i.e:macro) is PROHIBITED and can result in disqualification.
- Game glitches is NOT allowed. Usage of it can result in disqualification.
- Do not hurl profanities, screaming, slamming, inflicting physical aggression towards other participants, staff, and attendees. Please keep the tourney clean.
- The Malaysian Touhou Brigade reserves the right to disqualify anyone who is deemed unsuitable for the competition.
- Judges' decisions are final.

Touhou Luna Nights is available on Steam:

== Prize ==
Alcatroz X-Craft HP 5000 Wireless Gaming Headset + Alcatroz X-Craft Classic Electro Gaming Mouse

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