Lucky Mutts Rescue Foster Application
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Zip code *
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Occupation *
How many hours a day are you gone? *
First name and last name of everyone else in the household along with their birthdays. *
Is everyone in the house on board to foster a dog? *
Please list all of the pets in the house at this time. Include name, age, and breed (EX: Spot, 3, boxer)
Are all of your dogs/cats spayed/neutered? If no, please explain
Are all of these pets current on their appropriate vaccines? If no, please explain
Does your dog have his/her bordetella vaccine?
Clear selection
Are your dogs current on heartworm prevention? If no, please explain
Please list any pets that have passed away within the past 5 years
Were all of these pets current on vaccines and heartworm prevention (if dog)? If not, please explain
Are there small pets in the house that we need to be aware of? (IE: hamsters, bunnies, sugar gliders, etc.) *
Are there any outside animals we need to be aware of? (IE: Cows, horses, chickens, goats, barn cats) *
Please list the name and number of any vet/vets that would have the vaccination and general care records for your dogs and cats for the past 5 years. Please list what pets saw which vet if there are multiple vets.
What name are the records under at your vet?
Have you called your vet and released your records so Lucky Mutts can call and speak to them?
Has your current dog(s) met anyone he/she didn't get along with? If so, what was the situation? (ie: we were at a dog park, dog attacked my dog etc)
If you have a resident cat, has he/she ever met or lived with a dog?
If you had to describe the ideal dog that would be a good fit for you and your family what would that be? *
Are there any restrictions with breed, age, or weight we should be aware of? (IE: Your current dog only gets along with smaller dogs, Landlord said no puppies, homeowners does not allow for aggressive breeds, etc) *
Does the cat have access to a safe space to get away from the dog if it was bothering him/her?
Are there any young children or toddlers in your life that we need to be conscious of when placing a dog in your home? *
Foster experience
Do you have experience with a particular breed? If so, please explain *
Do you have experience with any problem behaviors? If so, please explain (ex: leash aggressiveness, shyness, etc) *
Do you know how to properly introduce your new foster dog to any resident animals? (Please answer this question honestly, if you are unsure we would love to talk things over with you, to insure a successful foster placement) *
Is there a particular age or size you are interested in fostering? *
All foster dogs need help adjusting to living with a new family, do you have the time and patience to help your foster adjust? *
Living arrangements
Do you rent or own your house? *
Is it a: *
Is your yard fenced in? If so, is it: *
Renters only-
Have you talked to your landlord/ leasing company to make sure you can foster?
Do you have the appropriate fees paid and documents signed?
Please list the name of the person that is the contact at your leasing company
What is the best way to reach this person? Please list their preferred method below (IE: if it is by text please list their phone number)
Foster Information Cont.
Do you understand that we try to give our fosters a "First dibs" at adopting their foster pup, but if the dog already has an approved adopter they get first choice? *
Have you applied to foster through other rescues? *
Is there anything else we should know about your family or lifestyle? *
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